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Združenje kabelskih operaterjev »GIZ«, reprezentativno združenje kabelskih operaterjev v Sloveniji, tudi letos organizira srečanje ponudnikov programskih vsebin televizijskih in radijskih programov, in ponudnikov telekomunikacijske in druge opreme.

V izjemno čast in zadovoljstvo nam je, da vas lahko tudi v letu 2018 povabimo na programsko konferenco Združenja kabelskih operaterjev Slovenije "GIZ", ki bo od od 6. do 8. junija 2018 v Kongresnem centru Grand Hotel Portorož v Portorožu, Slovenija.

Program konference

Program konference



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Razpis za sponzorje

Razpis za sponzorje


Kako so konferenco ZKOS 2017 doživeli udeleženci, sponzorji in ponudniki

Tamas TothThat was my first time at ZKOS Conference. From the application to the end of the conference everything was smooth, and the organizers were helpful in every cases. The meetings and the lectures were outsanding in a unique place. I recommend the conference for everybody who wants to be up to date in Cable TV networks in Slovenia (technologies, business connections, regulations), and have a very enjoyable time at a beutiful place!
Tamás Tóth, Sales Manager | COMTECH ltd.

Matej Meža“It’s fascinating to see how many CEOs and CTOs the ZKOS Conference in Portorož brings together. Talking about the challenges CATV operators are facing and the discussion on mobile telephony and OTT offerings as must-have services were the highlights for me. Bringing all the people from the branch together to exchange ideas, search for synergies and optimizations adds a lot of value to the very well organized conference."
mag. Matej Meža | Mega M d.o.o..

Vasilena Kunova“ZKOS 2017 gave me fresh feeling of reassurance that I can meet the right partners and enjoy an exciting program. The conference offers new challenges, new insights and opportunities."
Vasilena Kunova, International TV Distribution Manager | Balkanika Mucis Television.

It was a great pleasure to be part of ZKOS conference 2017. Fantastic organization, friendly people and a great number of operators’ representatives is what makes this conference a remarkable place for networking and business deals. We believe that you will continue with a good work. See you next year."
Ksenija Đorđević, Marketing Manager | AMC Networks International



Združenje kabelskih operaterjev Slovenije - ZKOS
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